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      Transmission Flush

Regular transmission flushes can increase the life of your transmission.

Saving you thousands of dollars.


Recommended interval: 

You should flush your transmission fluid every:


  • 50,000 miles, for severe use

  • 100,000 miles for normal use


Clean motor oil in general is a golden brown in color like maple syrup.

Oil changes should be done every 3000 miles or every three months, which ever occurs first.


When an engine is run temperature change occurs causing condensation. The moisture created mixes with the oil causing acidic conditions and can damage engine components.


This is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle and should be changed on a regular basis to ensure proper lubrication of your engine and pro-long the life of your engine.


Recommended interval:

We recommend motor oil & oil filter change If using top quality oil):

  • Every: 3,000 miles on gas engines

  • Every 6-7,000 miles on diesel engines

       Coolant System Flush

This service flushes and replaces 95% of all coolant/anti-freeze in the system.


It extends radiator and coolant system component life. It also increases the protection ability of the antifreeze/coolant.


 Recommended interval: 

Based on the color of your coolant,

you should change it every:

  • Green: 50,000 miles

  • Orange: 65-70,000 miles

  • Gold/Yellow: 50,000 miles

Keinath Tire

Maintaining your vehicle will help you save over long haul. At Keinath Tire we are here to help.

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